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Since 2013, we bring together a team of digital experts. Our approach is clear: We make our success dependent on yours.

We help our clients and our team use technology to fulfil their dreams. We don’t believe in reinventing the wheel and charging you for it. We don’t sell you overlarge, one-size-fits-all chunks of IT. We bring you exactly and only what you need to help your people and your business thrive and excel. We help you squeeze every last useful drop out of your systems and tools. Honesty, transparency, and efficiency are the cornerstones of our work ethic. That’s how we continue to earn the trust of our clients and our team members.

We are here for you. Get to know VIU.

How’s your digital outlook? Work with us. You’ll like the view.

Our Core Competences

Digital Marketing and Communication

Digital tools open up a vast, new dimension of marketing and communications possibilities. Don’t drown in a sea of 3.5 billion online global voices. VIU helps you develop a cross-channel strategy and savvy programming to get the global village knocking on your door.

Digital Workplace

Create a collaborative, productive, and innovative workplace that your employees love. A successful digital workplace starts with a coherent, secure infrastructure. It integrates the right process and project applications. It offers mobile connectivity and modern communications. It empowers your people with a smart, global VIU.


Today’s digital marketplace offers buyers and sellers the ultimate benefits. It is all about the global, omnichannel customer journey. Buy and sell anywhere in the world, anytime, across online and offline marketplaces, shops, and machines. Get all commercial roads to lead to your digital marketplace. Get the omniVIU.

Online Self-Services

Say goodbye to pointless queues, and valuable employee hours wasted on routine administration and simple forms. With self-service portals, your customers and employees can help themselves whenever, wherever. We help you design clear, simple, and secure online services that save money and time, and increase satisfaction all around.

We bring you human-digital interactions that are easy, and efficient.

Our Services

Transformation Management

The right digital transformation makes work easier. It helps people connect, share, and collaborate across borders and functions. It fuels smart, agile business through powerful analytics and insights. It facilitates innovation and propels you into the future. Is your digital investment paying off, or is it time for a new VIU?

User Experience Design & Information Architecture

We design systems around humans. It’s called user experience design, and it’s about creating tools that people use intuitively. Get your people in the flow. Make their work easier and faster. Reach your customers through a digital interface that makes them want more. Give your users a great VIU!

Frontend Development

Does your digital footprint present a clear, coherent brand image across every channel? Are your websites, dashboards, and online self-services quick, easy, and pleasant to use? Are your applications responsive and device-independent, usable from laptops to smartphones and web TVs? Get a VIU of the ultimate, seamless digital experience!

Backend Integration

Your databases and servers are the brains of your entire digital operation. Back-end integration has two goals: Be brilliant, and be undetectable. End users should simply open the system faucet, and experience a seamless data flow across every tool. Get a brilliant back-end VIU.

We help you design scalable, sustainable systems that fit your business, and help it grow.


Although we are a young company, we have already worked closely together with a number of renowned organisations. We have earned their trust and have been able to secure many long-term contracts for a range of projects involving different areas of expertise.

We are your partners in digital transformation.

VIUs that matter to us


Our team is founded around the principles of diversity, independent opinions, and the new synthesis of opposing ideas. To work like this requires a high level of respect and deep collaboration. Despite our differences, we are all loyal to the team, to our success, and to the success of our clients.


The digital landscape is vast, complex, and rapidly evolving. We are the curious. We have to be, to keep ahead of technology and understand how things work. We question eternally, we think holistically, we make connections. Your foot hurts? It could be your back. Even as we reach for goals, we look for better ways to get there. Expect the unexpected!


With all this diversity, understanding is important, it is also a challenge. So, transparency is paramount in our communication. We listen carefully, and we share openly, with each other and with our clients. We make sure everybody is on the same page.


Life isn’t perfect, and sometimes, we can’t honestly agree. We speak up when we disagree. We make the hard decisions. We only offer work we will absolutely stand by. We are true to ourselves, to our team, and to our clients.


When we set a deadline, we stick to it. We always take a leading role when we work with clients. We manage, we connect, we set goals and standards, we roll our sleeves up and work. Ultimately, it is our responsibility to ensure the success of a project.


We spend much of our lives at work. If it’s not fun, what are we doing here? We love our team, our clients, and our jobs. We work hard but harmoniously, and we love celebrating our achievements together as a team.

VIU are


Christoph Brunner


Stefan Busch


Bettina Dober


Dirk Dresselhaus


Dirk Fliescher


Rolf Isler


Michael Keller


Cyrille Massaux


Philippe Meister


Andreas Nebiker


Raphael Ochsenbein


Stefan Weyer


Simon Winkler



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Wir wollen wachsen. Unser junges, kompetentes und gleichermassen erfahrenes Team im Herzen Zürichs sucht Verstärkung. Werde ein Teil von VIU und präge unsere Erfolgsgeschichte! Melde dich bei

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